Your chance to have you work exhibited in the prestigious Menier Gallery in Central London from 1st-6th October 2019 and to win a substantial cash prize. 1st PRIZE : £3,000 2nd PRIZE : £2,000 3rd PRIZE : £1,000 There is no fee to submit.

Are you ready to enter? Complete the submission form below and upload your Mixed Media artwork. Before you submit please see the submission, and artwork photography guidelines which follow to make sure that your entry qualifies. Submission guidelines: Each artist may submit one picture of one work. Acceptable media: Any mix of Pébéo paints and mediums on canvas, board, wood, metal, plastic or acrylic (sculptures are acceptable too), in all cases, only using Pébéo products. Work should not be larger than 1.5 m along the longest dimension and not heavier than 10Kg. There are no age restrictions for entrants, all submissions will be judged solely on their artistic merit. Collaborative works accepted, please include both names.